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International Parti Poodle Gazette

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Volume 5, Issue 2 Founded 2004  April 2009

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Cuppa & Book
Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy our Gazette.

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From The Editor's Desk

This Issue is about the accomplishments of our partis and parti-factored solid-colored Poodles. More countries are accepting partis in kennel club shows. . . more >

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Meet the Staff

Elena's Poodles

The Gazette is made up of Volunteer staff from all over the world. Click here to meet the staff. . . more > 

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Dr. Joe Morris
Dr. Joe Morris

Ask Dr. Joe (Joe Morris, DVM)

Dr. Joe answers questions about allergies, safe procedures, and Poodle feet that stay wet. . . more >

If you have questions, please send them to: info@ippgazette.com

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Each Issue we bring you articles of health interest.

Autoimmune Hypothyroidism in Poodles

A common autoimmune disorder which affects male and female Poodles equally is Hypothyroidism. There are many symptoms of this disease; however, often Poodles will not show typical symptoms . . . more >

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An electron micrograph of the pathogen, Leptospira interrogans, which is the cause of Leptospirosis. The strain shown in the photo was obtained from a patient with severe Leptospirosis in Salvador. (Credit: Image courtesy of Cornell University)

This fact sheet is designed to assist pet owners in answering questions related to Leptospirosis in pets and the health risk to humans exposed to Leptospira-infected pets. . .  more >

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Melanie and Pete

Dear Melanie

Due to personal obligations, Melanie Schlaginhaufen will temporarily discontinue her Dear Melanie column. We wish Melanie the very best and look forward to the future when she can resume her insightful Question and Answer feature for the Gazette. 

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This section is for you to present your Poodles
This issue we are presenting to you:
. . . more >

If you would like your Poodle featured here,
please contact us at:

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Breeder Business Cards
& Litter Announcements

Some of the listed breeders are also accomplished groomers and handlers.

This advertising section is designed to
bring parti Poodle breeders around the world
into focus.  Although this is a parti Poodle
publication, we encourage solid breeders
who support the partis to advertise.
The parti gene pool is still small. Outcrossing
to quality, tested solid Poodles is important
for genetic diversity. . . more >

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General Advertising Page

We are pleased to announce our new advertising section at very competitive prices. To advertise your merchandise or services, contact us at sales@ippgazette.com

Advertisers in this issue:

K9 Web Solution for your Web Site. . . more >

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International Parti Poodle Gazette

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Sweat Pea

Day Blindness Update

Puppies in Standard Poodle litters continue to be diagnosed with Day Blindness. The Genetics Research lab at the University of Missouri Columbia, which is studying this disease, is always in need of blood samples from dogs who may have a strong relation to known affected Poodles. . .  more >

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Parti Poodles in Taiwan

Our Taiwan reporter has submitted pictures of parti Toy Poodles that are bred, owned, and shown in conformation by Huang Qing Jiang. . . more >

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My Corded Poodles

When Marie Galante first began cording her Standard Poodle Seven, the results were so unattractive that she almost gave up. However, she stuck with it and now, several years later, has a magnificently corded Poodle. . . more >

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A Lesson in Foxhunting

We would think that we would learn from history, but most unfortunately, history doesn’t seem to be a popular subject among the dog fancy. . . more >

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World Wide Parti Poodle Clubs

This section is for Clubs around the world, if you would like to have your Club added to the Gazette please email: infor@ippgazette.com

Russian Federation Club

Announcement – Second Russian Harlequin Litter

Elena Trofimova of Gently Born Kennels welcomed a litter of harlequin Toy Poodles on December 15, 2008. There were three puppies: one male and two females. The sire is Champion Chess King and the dam is Champion Kracota Gently Born.

This is the second officially registered harlequin litter born in Russia.

French Parti Poodle Club Logo

Report of the French Parti Poodle Club

 Association Des Caniches Bicolores En France Club  is continuing to gain more readers to their site and participating in shows and exhibitions to draw attention to the parti Poodle.


Report from the International Parti Poodle Club

 To see members Health Testing Results . . .  more >

To see members Show Brags. . .  more >

President Denise Spotila looks at a year of IPPC and how the Club has progressed.  . .  more >

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Juliana's Zander

Poetry & Recipe Corner

Great dog quotes. . .

Recipes. . .

Poetry. . . more >

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Library Archives

Archives Library

It is not too late to enjoy previous issues of the
International Parti Poodle Gazette. . . more >

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Tip of the Day...

Did you know that excessively long toe nails can cause your Poodle's foot to splay causing the cartilage between the toes to weaken and break down causing serious foot problems as he/she gets older?

Dremelling your Poodles toe nails seems to be the least stressful to the Poodle. It is good practice to shorten the nails every two weeks. It is important to make sure they do not touch the ground.

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First German VDH Youth Champion

Parti-colored Poodles are achieving world-wide recognition. The list of countries accepting them in the conformation ring continues to grow. . .  more >

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The Miniature Poodle

Minis are clever, funny, happy, outgoing little dogs who are great companions, easy to train, and have a natural endurance in all they pursue. They are the perfect size for motor homes, and they enjoy life equally with adults and children. So, why are they the least popular of the three Poodle sizes accepted by UKC and AKC? . . more >

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Aramis has a really sad story to tell you . . .  more >

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Ruadh’s Achievements

Toy Poodles are smart and athletic. Given half the chance, they can accomplish great things. . .  more >

French Conformation Show

Having moved to France a number of years ago, Michal Cline attends her first conformation show and is surprised at what she learns. . .  more >

Dalton Meets His Father

When Dalton was almost a year old, his adoptive mom took him to meet his birth father Aramis. Both parti Poodles had a grand time getting re-acquainted . . . more >

Send Your Pictures

For the 2010 Calendar

Calendar 2009

2010 Calendar

You can still get a 2009 Parti Poodle Calendar but you better hurry, just a few left . . . more >

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Caption Contest

What is Cheena saying to Mary?


Is Cheena upset with Merry or is she telling her a secret, maybe neither, what do you think they are doing?

Send your thoughts to: info@ippgazette.com , the best will be featured in the next issue of the IPPG!!

Previous Caption Contest

View the previous issue's Caption Contest photograph and the selected best caption along with some great honorable mentions. You will also find the real story behind last issue's photo. . . more >

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Stitched Poodle

WHIMSY – Dixie and the Duck

My partner and I were walking our four Standard Poodles near a big. . .  more >

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Interesting & Informative Links

A list of links we think you will find interesting. Each issue will include these links, and as links are sent to us, we will add them. If you know of a link that you feel should be listed here, please send it to: info@ippgazette.com . . . more >

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